Josep Coté, Ship’s photographer

An unprecedented view of a ship’s voyages and crew

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Josep Coté, Ship’s photographer

Photographic exhibition featuring images produced by Josep Coté, a musician on board the cruise ship Marqués de Comillas, a vessel owned by the Compañía Trasatlántica Española.

An experienced photographer, by day he would take everyday pictures of the crew members on board ship, while by night he would liven up the evenings as a musician. His images show spontaneous, highly original scenes that are of great value owing to the scarcity of this kind of photographic works. The officers’ dining rooms and the waiters, the kitchen, the cabins, the lounges and the decks – they are all brought to life with the spontaneous, natural presence of the people who occupied these spaces. His career spanned much of Spain’s post-Civil War period.

In November 2018, the Museu Marítim received the donation of Josep Coté’s legacy: 540 negatives, several cameras and laboratory materials used by the photographer on his sea voyages. Most of the photographs were taken on board the liner Marqués de Comillas, though there are also scenes from other vessels. This donation is extremely valuable in that it represents a comprehensive collection resulting from the professional career of a photographer who was closely linked with the world of the sea: his photographic testimony and the tools he used to produce it.


  • From 11/10/2019
  • to 31/12/2020


  • From 10:00 to 20:00


  • Vestíbul (Nova entrada)


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